Portraits and Houses

They make a great gift!


Consider this unique way of preserving your loved one’s likeness. My colored pencil and graphite portraits are created based on a submitted photo, customization is possible. Contact me to discuss your preferences.


  • Paper: White, Tan toned, or Gray toned.
  • Media: Graphite (with White Highlights on the toned paper), or colored pencil.
  • Size: 8×10” standard, 11×14″, or larger by request up to 16×24″


  • One subject: graphite $70, color $90
  • Additional Subjects: +$20.00 each.
  • Detailed background: upon request, +$10.
  • Size: 11×14″ is +$5. Larger will be extra depending on size.
  • I require a 50% non-refundable deposit before I start drawing. If you don’t like the finished product, you don’t have to pay the rest, but I keep the deposit for the time spent working on it.

Turn Around Time: 

  • One month.* 

*More complicated drawings take more time. Simpler ones may be finished sooner.



Above: two subjects, minimal background.

Above: one subject, white paper, no background, colored pencil.

Above: two subjects, graphite, no background.


Above: single subject no background.


Above: three subjects, with detailed background, heavily customized.

Above: one subject, tan paper, with white highlights, no background.
Above: one subject, white paper, simple background
Above: one subject, white paper, detailed background
Above: one subject, white paper, no background.

Above: double subject detailed background graphic 11×14”

House Watercolors or Drawings

A picture of your home is a nice way remember the place you grew up, or the home you raised your family in. Maybe you put a lot of work into renovation. Perhaps you like to see your home with the beautiful flowers in bloom. I like to include family pets in these watercolor house portraits. I can also do a pencil drawing with lots of nice shading. Makes a great gift for new home owners.


Watercolor 8×10″ $100 | 11×14″ $140
Graphite 8×10″ $80 | 11×14″ $120
Additional: Note cards with the image printed on the front. Includes envelopes. x40 cards $50

Disclaimer: I am not a robot, the finished product will not look like a photo, but I will take extreme care to create a lovely piece of art for you and yours to cherish. I reserve the right to use the portrait drawing as a sample of my work on my website, and as advertising for my business. I will not sell a print of your custom portrait to anyone else. I can not offer matting or framing at this time.